The Power of Trust: Antoine Sarraute on Wakweli's Mission

The Power of Trust: Antoine Sarraute on Wakweli's Mission
Antoine Sarraute - CTO of Wakweli

Have you ever wondered what the future of trust looks like in the digital landscape? In our latest episode of Defire, we dive into this question with Antoine Sarraute, the co-founder of Wakweli. Wakweli is on a mission to build a universal certification protocol, a kind of Blue Checkmark for the blockchain world. Intrigued? Let's dive in.

The Wakweli Mission

Wakweli, which means 'people who tell the truth' in Swahili, is more than just a cool name. It's a mission to build a universal certification protocol. Imagine being able to get a certificate for anything - an artwork, a house, even a share of stock - and have it recognized across any marketplace or blockchain. That's the future Wakweli is working towards.

But here's the kicker - Wakweli isn't using AI or machine learning. Nope, Wakweli is all about people power, community, and a bit of game theory. As Antoine puts it, "Wakweli is a human protocol. It's not based on AI or machine learning and common pattern, detection of fraud. Like most, anti-scam systems, what we are building is a way for all the community to come and build trust in the ecosystem."

Waku the unit of trust

At the heart of Wakweli's protocol is the Waku, a unit of trust. Just like validators in the Ethereum network, participants in the Wakweli ecosystem lock Waku tokens into certificates. These token are needed to request, issue and challenge a certificate. They are also aligning the incentives of participant and used to reward participants of the protocol who provide a real value in the ecosystem. It's a system where being honest isn't just the right thing to do - it's the profitable thing to do.

The Future of Trust

Antoine's vision doesn't stop at digital assets like NFTs. He sees a future where everything from real estate to commodities is tokenized, and Wakweli's protocol provides the trust layer for these ecosystems.

"The objective is to be the system of trust for every ecosystem, to build a base protocol with Wakweli that all ecosystem can connect and benefit from."


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