$50M Bitcoin Monthly: Julian Liniger's Startup Story

$50M Bitcoin Monthly: Julian Liniger's Startup Story

Episode Overview:
Tune in to this episode of the Defire podcast as host Jonas chats with Julian Liniger, CEO and founder of Relai. Known as the simplest app for buying Bitcoin in Europe, Relai steers clear of ETH, SOL, and meme coins, focusing solely on Bitcoin. Julian recounts his transition from a quaint Swiss village to leading a crypto startup, discussing the potential for Bitcoin's growth and the everyday challenges his company faces, including strict advertising bans across Europe.

Episode Highlights

  • The Story: Get to know Julian Liniger and the vision behind Relai.
  • Bitcoin Only: Julian explains why Relai commits exclusively to Bitcoin, sharing his bullish views and the rationale for avoiding altcoins.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Insights into navigating complex regulations, the Apple App Store’s stringent policies, and strategies for fundraising and company valuation.
  • Swiss Laws: Julian outlines how Relai is adapting to EU regulations and KYC challenges, particularly under the new MiCA framework.
  • $50M in Bitcoin monthly: Discussion on Relai's revenue successes and Julian's optimistic forecast for Bitcoin’s market value.
  • Ordinals & Co: Julian reflects on Bitcoin's enduring role in the financial ecosystem, the impact of ETFs, and his thoughts on the recent Bitcoin Ordinals trend.

Key Timestamps:

00:00 Episode Teaser
00:23 Introduction to Julian Liniger and Relai
01:27 Sponsor: Podcasting as a Service
02:43 How Relai is Changing Bitcoin Transactions
04:45 The Growth Story of Relai: From Idea to Industry Leader
06:42 Julian’s Journey from a Farming Village to Crypto CEO
16:46 Is Julian Liniger a Bitcoin Maxi?
22:15 The Future of Bitcoin
27:13 Discussing Bitcoin's Ability to Innovate
31:01 Overcoming Business and Regulation Obstacles
31:38 Running a Bitcoin Startup in Switzerland
32:06 Creative Ways to Welcome New Customers
33:15 Handling Regulatory Issues Across Europe
33:55 Navigating App Store Rules
37:37 How KYC Affects Relai
39:54 Growth Strategies Without Traditional Ads
44:49 Funding Rounds and Future Goals
48:41 Bitcoin’s Market Prospects and the Impact of ETFs
50:18 Listener Questions: Bitcoin and Running Relai

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