From Obese to Olympian: The Entrepreneur Pledging His Earnings to Tokenholders

From Obese to Olympian: The Entrepreneur Pledging His Earnings to Tokenholders
Alan Frei Interview

The Defire podcast welcomes Alan Frei, a Swiss entrepreneur successful in selling sex toys online. Alan shares his belief in creating interesting stories versus convincing people about his business ideas. He discussed his journey from multiple start-up failures to eventually finding success with his online sex toy business, Amorana. Alan has since stepped away from that venture and is now pursuing an Olympic dream in curling for the Philippines. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to tokenize his new venture, the Alan Frei company, under Swiss law, creating a unique investment opportunity in his future earnings. Alongside becoming an Olympic curler, Alan is focusing on building stories and creating products with his new venture as he transitions from a traditional business model to a more content-creation and community-focused approach.

01:31 Start of the podcast
01:31 Alan's Entrepreneurial Journey: The Beginning
01:49 Alan's Life After Selling His Company
02:19 Alan's New Ventures: Uber Eats and Olympics
02:46 Alan's Podcast and His Unique First Question
03:57 Alan's Perspective on Life and Mortality
06:01 Aktionariat
06:44 Alan's Entrepreneurial Journey: The Failures
11:15 How To Know When An Idea Is Worth Pursuing? 
13:40 The importance of a great story
15:47 Starting Amorana with a small business loan
17:59 Alan's Unique Experience Living In A Hotel
21:41 Alan's Journey from Obese to the Olympics
28:11 The Love for Curling and Its Community
28:50 Journey to Becoming an Olympic Curler
29:08 The Filipino Olympic Curling Association
29:35 The Dream of Participating in the Olympics
30:19 Transition to Crypto and the Alan Frei Company
30:38 Understanding the Alan Frei Token
31:18 The Power of Tokenization and Blockchain
32:21 Creating Products for the Community
34:32 The Current Worth of the Alan Frei Company
34:58 The Vision of Making Customers Co-Owners
36:09 The Future of the Alan Frei Company
43:47 The Influence of Token Holders
48:05 The Balance Between Success and Personal Life

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