Unfucking the planet with Rez

Unfucking the planet with Rez

Have you ever felt that feeling of guilt when you board an airplane, take the car instead of the bus, or order a juicy burger at a restaurant? Of course, all of these actions contribute to the heating of our planet.

Climate change is real and one of the biggest challenges we have to overcome as a society. Here's what the World's richest edgelord has to say about climate change:

"We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe." - Elon Musk

When I met Rez, his internet name, at the Ethereum conference in Rio, we instantly hit it off. His enthusiasm and ideas for "Unfucking the planet" grabbed my attention and led to this podcast.

Who is Rez?

Rez (@0xRez) is a young data scientist from Estonia. He gets into an almost maniacal state when something grabs his mind. For many months now, voluntary carbon markets have kept him up day and night.

Rez is currently the Head of Protocol at Solid World (@solidworlddao)

Voluntary carbon credit market on the blockchain

Two protocols have been the two pioneers in the ReFi space: Toucan and Klima DAO.

Toucan (toucan.earth) is bridging voluntary carbon credits to the crypto world. This unlocks their potential to the wonders of DeFi and web3.

"The Toucan vision of a carbon money lego is, that now people can make their protocol climate positive" - Rez

Klima DAO (klimadao.finance) is an Olympus DAO (olympusdao.finance) fork. Klima Dao is a black hole for carbon credits on the blockchain. The protocol owned liquidity is the backbone of Klima, a carbon backed digital currency.

Regenerative Finance / ReFi

ReFi is an umbrella term crypto protocols that use DeFi and web3 to address climate change, support conservation and biodiversity, and create a more equitable and sustainable financial system.

Or how Rez would describe it: jujutsu'ing capitalism to unfuck the planet.

The ReFi Dao (refidao.com) is an excellent resource for everyone interested in diving deeper.

Solid World

Solid World (solid. World) aims to finance carbon projects. We are entirely rethinking the mechanics of carbon markets with the addition of pre-financing options, and this will all be made possible by blockchain and web3 technologies.

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