The Secret NFT Godfather: How Shaban Shaame Made Blockchain History with Spells of Genesis

The Secret NFT Godfather: How Shaban Shaame Made Blockchain History with Spells of Genesis

Dive into the fascinating world of NFTs with Shaban Shaame, founder of EverdreamSoft and creator of Spells of Genesis, as he shares the journey behind his groundbreaking blockchain game and the future of NFTs in the gaming industry.

Shaban Shaame's Early Success: Moonga

Shaban Shaame began his gaming journey by developing Moonga, a trading card game created during high school. Despite facing various constraints, he managed to create an engaging online game that later transitioned to mobile in 2009, anticipating the potential of mobile gaming.

Creating Spells of Genesis: Blockchain Meets Gaming

Spells of Genesis is a unique game that merges arcade elements and trading card strategy while using blockchain technology to provide players with true ownership of their in-game assets. Shaame also highlighted the long-term value of the blockchain-based assets in Spells of Genesis: "The cards that we are producing will stay longer than the product that uses it, the game. So even though we shut down Spells of Genesis, the game, the card will still be there."

The game found great enthusiasm among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with some of the rarest cards eventually trading for mid six-figure amounts.

Protocol of Certification for a Secure Tokenized Future

Shaban gives his thoughts on the future of NFTs, stressing the importance of crowd creation in building the metaverse. He introduces Wakweli, a blockchain project aimed at certifying NFTs across multiple chains and safeguarding intellectual property.

Timestamp summary:

  • [00:02:32] How I randomly met the godfather of NFTs at a Conference
  • [00:04:54] Introduction Shaban Shaame, Founder of Spells of Genesis
  • [00:06:35] Owning In-Game Assets
  • [00:07:28] Why Magic the Gathering outearns Hearthstone
  • [00:08:55] Counterparty
  • [00:15:27] Shaban's first Trading Card Game: Moonga
  • [00:22:39] Making Spells of Genesis a mix of an arcade and card game
  • [00:33:37] The most valuable Spells of Genesis cards
  • [00:39:39] What's next for NFTs? Ordinals?
  • [00:41:59] Wakweli a Blockchain to certify NFTs



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