What’s behind the current Bull Market, DeFi, and governance tokens with Raffael Huber, Head of Research at Bitcoin Suisse

As the head of research at Bitcoin Suisse, Raffael Huber's job is to stay on top of the latest development when it comes to crypto. In this episode, we discuss the drivers of the current bull market and deep dive into the DeFi hype. Raffael shares how to evaluate interesting crypto projects, the monetary premium of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and why in the end, it all boils down to trust.

About Raffael Huber

Raffael holds a Ph.D. in chemistry, and his job is to stay on top of everything that happens in the crazy fast-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

In this episode, we talk about the monetary premium of Bitcoin and other crypto. We discuss the benefits of trading versus "hodling", tribalism, and why it is important to keep an open mind when evaluating new crypto projects. We discuss the current crypto bull market and why this time it really is different. We also cover DeFi, yield farming, and liquidity mining, all of which will be explained in the following interview with Dr. Raffael Huber.

Find out more about Raffael's work at: bitcoinsuisse.com/research

Music by Yung Kartz

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