How to hack your way into Y Combinator, Orange DAO and starting a web3 company with Matt Voska

How to hack your way into Y Combinator, Orange DAO and starting a web3 company with Matt Voska
Matt Voska

When I visited Matt Voska in his bachelor pad in Rio de Janeiro, I was blown away by the beautiful view over the city his living room has to offer. (swipe right on the instagram post below to see the view)

But as soon as I hit record and Matt started to share his story with me, the view was quickly forgotten.

Getting into Y Combinator

In this episode, we learn how Matt's passion for flying made him join the prestigious ranks of Y Combinator-funded companies. He dropped out of university and moved to San Francisco to join the ranks of silicon valley entrepreneurs.

He and his friends co-founded Flytenow. The startup was supposed to become the Uber for airplanes. But before having the chance to really take off, his dream of flight-sharing was grounded by regulators.

After his defeat, Matt joined a fellow Y combinator company. Bannerman was aiming to be the Uber for Security-guards. (Do you notice a theme ?)

The Orange DAO

Pressing forward. September 2021.

A group of fellow Y Combinator alumni who wanted to share their experiences in web3 started a WhatsApp group. The interest was so significant that the chat quickly outgrew the maximum number of 250 members. Matt and his friends needed a better way to organize this growing community and moved the community to a discord server. Out of this, the Orange DAO was born.

Co-founding Origami

The experiences of setting up a DAO with all of its pitfalls and quirks made Matt and his now co-founders experts in the booming new field of DAOs. Suddenly many companies were reaching out to them, asking for help to set up a DAO for their company or organization.

Matt and his co-founders, Ben Huh and Johnny Chin, saw that this could be an opportunity to build a company around. And that was the beginning of Origami, a company that helps web2 companies to start DAOs.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Matt hacked his way into Y Combinator
  • Why regulations crushed his startup dream of flight-sharing
  • How he and his friends built Orange DAO
  • Why he believes 2022 to be the year of the DAOs
  • Why Rio de Janeiro is an ideal city for digital nomads
  • Why Matt is not a tech-bro
  • Which gadget leads to a good night's sleep

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