Get Stable or DAI Tryin' with Corina from MakerDAO

Get Stable or DAI Tryin' with Corina from MakerDAO
Corina from MakerDAO

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About Corina from Maker DAO

Today on the show, we hear the story of Corina (@0xCorina). Corina is working in the growth core unit at MakerDAO, the OG DeFi lending protocol and issuer of the stablecoin DAI.

DeFi in itself made a lot of sense for me because I am from Moldova. I was exposed growing up to inflation and corruption and a lot of different things and I saw a lot of problems with centralized financial systems and the lack of access to financial services - Corina

DAI and Maker stand the test of times

After the spectacular collapse of UST and Luna, many people, myself included, have rediscovered the tried and tested DeFi OGs. MakerDAO is not the shiny new thing in the DeFi tool shed, and they also don't have the loudest voices and promoters on social media. But it has something that most other protocols don't: MakerDAO did withstand the test of times and has solidified its place as a cornerstone in the DeFi world.

The thing is that UST was under collateralized. So the risk of a depeg from USD was always there. The main difference is, that DAI is overcollateralized and there is a much, much lower risk, close to the impossible of a depeg - Corina

How is it to work for a DAO?

In this conversation with Corina, we talk about MakerDAO and how it works. We talk about the newfound popularity of the stablecoin DAI and how the governance process works. I also asked Corina more mundane questions: How it is to work for a DAO? How do you get hired? How do you get paid?

SheFi - Bringing more women to crypto

Ultimately, we also talk about why women are still underrepresented in crypto, and Corina highlights some fantastic initiatives that successfully bring more diversity to crypto.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Why DAI is overcollateralized and unlikely to depeg
  • How Corina found at Job at MakerDAO
  • How it is to work for a DAO
  • Why DAI and Maker have grown in popularity after the UST collapse
  • How the MakerDAO government mechanism works
  • How MKR holders can delegate their votes to "professional" delegates

Projects mentioned in this episode

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