The Genesis Story of Ethereum with Camila Russo

The Genesis Story of Ethereum with Camila Russo
Camila Russo Founder of the Defiant and author of The Infinte Machine

How a 19-year-old genius and a ragtag group of hackers invented the new internet of money. Camila Russo, entrepreneur, journalist, and author, is our field guide through the Ethereum Genesis Story.

My guest and chief storyteller today is none other than Camila Russo.

Camila is probably the most qualified person to tell this story on the planet right now. Camila is not only a journalist and entrepreneur but recently also became an author. The infinite machine - that's the title of her first book - chronicles in detail, the birth, and rise of the Ethereum blockchain.

For the book, Camilla has recorded over 100 interviews with all of the original founders, countless community members, lawyers, and other key players that have shaped in some form the history of Ethereum. She has looked at the story from all angles and fact-checked everything with the journalistic rigor of a Bloomberg trained financial journalist. The outcome is a detailed account of Ethereum's past, present, and likely future that reads like a novel. I can recommend it to anyone interested in crypto.

In our conversation. We also tap into the fascinating background of Camilla, a story that spans from Chile to the US, Argentina, Spain and back to New York.

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