Trading the NFT metagame with Fulowa

Trading the NFT metagame with Fulowa

Today on the show, I have the pleasure of talking to Fulowa, that’s his Twitter handle and online persona. Fulowa is a true NFT degen and the co-founder of OnChained, an NFT analytics platform. In this episode, Fulowa shares with us how he went from doing manual labor as Chemist in a laboratory to switching careers and becoming a data scientist and now his latest station as a JPG trader and entrepreneur.

Fulowa also shares his ideas on what's happening in the NFT market and why NFT trading, or crypto in general, is similar to playing a video game. He also shares with us the tools he uses to spot opportunities in the NFT market, and we also dive deeper into the Cyberkongz NFT project and community, where he is an active member to this day.

Key Moments
[00:02:25] Who is Fulowa
[00:03:05] From Chemist to Data Science for an Online Casino
[00:05:39] Swiss Online Casino
[00:08:00] From Pharma to Jpg Trader - how Fulowa entered Crypto
[00:10:36] The DAO
[00:11:19] When Fulowa got into NFTs
[00:12:19] NFTs buying spree for 50K
[00:13:25] CyberKongz Genesis
[00:17:40] Why Fulowa did not sell the top
[00:18:56] What explains that traders can't see the top
[00:21:29] Discord Wallstreet Cyberkongz
[00:26:19] What are the dominant NFT narratives at the moment?
[00:30:01] Criticism: Is NFT Trading just gambling?
[00:31:45] What are the use cases for NFTs?
[00:33:04] Where is the puck going next?
[00:36:23] Goblin NFT
[00:38:58] Top three tools for NFT research
[00:40:51] New NFT marketplace - Blur
[00:45:24] Platform fees optional
[00:46:47] How Fulowa makes a living
[00:47:18] OnChained NFT Analytics platform
[00:50:48] Generative Art
[00:52:04] Banner NFT projects


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