Exploring the rapidly expanding Terra Luna Ecosystem with Danku_R

Four months ago, Danku_R launched a YouTube channel.  Today, over 11,000 crypto fans have already subscribed to his channel. In his YouTube videos, Danku_R explains the latest DeFi protocols. He focuses mainly but not exclusively on the Terra Luna ecosystem.

In this episode, we discuss his crypto journey, the opportunities of web 3 and NFTs for content creators. We philosophize about money and, of course, we talk about Terra Luna. Please enjoy my conversation with Danku_R, who will be guiding us today through the quickly expanding Lunaverse.

Who is Danku_R?

Danku is a blockchain enthusiast based in Germany with Spanish roots. He is mainly known for his Youtube Channel, Twitter, and Medium, where he breaks down the latest developments in Yield farming, DeFi, and NFTs. Daniel is a trained engineer with a knack for analytics and the ability to explain seemingly complicated things in simple terms.

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